Toadman's Land is the 10th level of Super Releasio 64 and it's variants.

It used to be ruled over by a deity named Waluigi, who protected the locals. There is an enormous monument built in his image in Toadman's land. Although he is still technically in charge, he is banished in The Dark Dimension and cannot tell the citizens of Toadman's Land what to do. So, the steward, the Chill Toady is in charge.

Toad fact #8271: The giant Toadman in Toadman's Land was built in the image of a deity that protected those who lived in the snowy fields before it adopted the name "Toadman's Land".

Toad fact #2200: Said deity would strike down all who harmed the locals and in return the Toad's offered their prayers and eternal gratitude. 

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