Toad BattleToad is the first level of Super Releasio 64, as well as all of the other games that take place in Toad Hell except for Super Releasio 64: Tardygave Road - The Shattered Toad.

It is technically called Toad BattlToad (without the E at the end of Battle) but that's stupid so it is usually formatted as Toad BattleToad. This trend was started by MadeForReleasio Toad.

Toad BattleToad used to be ruled over by the Big Toad-omb, but Toad defeated him and took the Toad Star he was guarding. Afterwards, the kingdom descended into anarchy, with no leader to rule over it. The evil monster, Toad Chomp, escaped, and all of the money in the area has been stolen, and alll residents are in poverty.

The Toad-omb Toadies are attempting to rebuild the kingdom.

The name Toad BattlToad appears in Marble Blast Releasio, replacing the level Battlement's name. However, there is no other connections to be found.

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