Toad-megeddon is the first game in the Releasio series. Most textures have been replaced with Toad's face, and the game's text has all been replaced with toad-ified versions.

Story Edit

Toad cast a curse upon Planet Toad (formerly Earth) and turned nearly everything into Toad.

The protagonist is Mario, although parts of his face and the buttons on his shirt have been replaced with Toad's face. This made him blind, although Toad could see his every move because of the Toad faces.

Mario attempted to thwart Toad coming to power by gathering the Power Stars. The power stars gave whoever owned them the power to control basically everything. But Toad saw where Mario hid them (obviously) so it was all worthless in the end. What Toad did was he used Psychokinesis to switch all the stars for worthless decoys. Toad made the doors unlock when Mario got stars so that he would think that he was getting the real thing. Mario was disappointed when he realized his fake power stars were not enough to defeat Toad.

Afterwards, Toad brainwashed Mario and turned him into a toad.

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