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Tardygave Road

Tardygave Road is the only level in the ROM Hack Super Releasio 64: Tardygave Road - The Shattered Toad. It consists of a flat plain made of Toad Faces. Multiple dead Toads are present. They can be talked to, and they say "Toad". There is a black flame, too. The level is beaten when Toad dies.

Tardygave Road anagrams to Toad Graveyard. Tardygave Road is where the Toads go when they die. On one day per year, the ghosts of the deceased Toads will return and speak to those who are there. But Toad has made it illegal for anyone who wasn't a Toad to go to Tardygave Road, so no non-Toads make speak to the Toad Ghosts.

There is some sort of link between Tardygave Road and the fishtank in Princess Peach's castle in the Luigi's Mansion 64 Universe. They occupy the same relative locations in the two universes. The Toad ghosts sort of simultaneously exist in both Tardygave Road and the fishtank.

Tardygave Road is a Spirit Realm, i.e. an area haunted by spirits.

Tardygave Road is set to be a stage in Releasio Fighting V3.

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