Super Toad Sunshine is a hack of super mario sunshine made by TheNintendoReject which replaces voice,model,sound,textures with Toad.

-Vinesauce- Vinny - Super Toad Sunshine

-Vinesauce- Vinny - Super Toad Sunshine

The first to play the beta version of the game was Vinesauce (Vinny) where it showcased the infernal noises and textures the game had to offer

Originally called by Super Releasio Sunshine, the game had some removed characters and text to fit more hellish meme points.

- The title screen originally said "Select your gender". The creator deemed this not streamer worthy and changed it to " Select your Toad" to fit streamer needs.

- Originally, there was going to be a "Shadow Toad" but it crashed the game for other players (somehow worked for the creator) and changed it to Waluigi.

This is currently (2017/2018) the most famous "Super Mario Sunshine" hack/mod to come out, beating Super Mario Sunshine Multiplayer and other minor hacks such as Super Luigi Sunshine.

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