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The second title in the Releasio series to be released, and the first one to be called Releasio.

This happened when Kaze's fans rushed Kaze to release Super Mario 64: Last Impact. He was so triggered, he did this game.

It is a modified version of Toad-megeddon, replacing more textures with Toad's face, adding Toad as the main character, and adding Toad Snow and glitched Toad Physics.

Story Edit

Super Releasio 64 takes place in Toad Hell. During the game, he defeated Princess Peach, and became the real princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. The Mushroom Kingdom didn't stand a chance given that toad had taken the stars, which had been the only hope of defending against Toad. He defeated Mario before even coming out of the warp pipe at the beginning. Toad also collected all of the Toad Stars in this game, as a challenge because he was bored.

After beating the game, the ending credits will play. It will crash during the Toady Toad Cave cutscene in the ending.

Modified Versions Edit

Multiple modified versions of Super Releasio 64 have been created.

Super Releasio 64: Tardygave Road - The Shattered Toad: A modified version that replaces Toad BattleToad with Tardygave Road.

Super Releasio 64: Clear Skies Edition: A modified version by MadeForReleasio Toad that kills the Toad Snow.

Super Releasio 64 Adv: A modified version by MadeForReleasio Toad that kills the Toad Snow and replaces the font with the one from Super Mario 64.

Super Releasio 64 Nophysics: A modified version by Ethan White that takes place before the regular version of Super Releasio 64. Toad had not yet created the Toad Snow, and had not grown as strong. In this version, the Toad Snow did not exist yet, and Toad was not as strong.

Levels Edit

These are the main levels in Super Releasio 64:

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