Rouge1234654 is a traitorous Traitor Toad who has killed many Toads. He keeps a list of the names of his victims. He actively fights against Toad, but a prophecy said he would be defeated by Toad someday (and he was).

IMG 5129

Rouge1234654 killing a Toad

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Defeat Edit

He was killed by Ethan White after he threatened to kill some more toads. His immortal (yet intangible and by extension not dangerous to Toads) soul still existed, going around thinking it is still alive.

IMG 5247

His soul threatened to torture Toad Ghosts (souls of Toads) so Ethan killed his soul. He was able to kill it because even though it was intangible, Ethan had the help of Releasio Toad whose power is unlimited and he can do whatever he wants. His soul's soul is basically the same as the original soul but it can't hurt any Toads' souls or souls' souls etc. because it is in a lesser existence plane.

Toad Necromancy Edit

Rouge's body was later possessed by a Toad Ghost because of necromancy.

IMG 5383

Rouge's dead body being possessed by a Toad Ghost

IMG 5252

Return? Edit

He is planning to get an accomplice to kill Toads on his behalf. He tried to get Craftyawesome to do it but he said he was lazy and didn't care. He is still searching for an accomplice.

Killing MIPS Edit

Rouge then went and murdered MIPS. It was unknown how he did this because he was a soul's soul. But he did it anyway.

Then he was sent to jail, but he escaped. He broke out. If he hadn't escaped, he would have been hung.

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Insanity Edit

Rouge is apparently losing brain functions in his brain. Despite all evidence, he still believes that he isn't a soul's soul, and that Toads aren't immortal. Despite having been proved wrong, he is constantly blabbing on and on about how stupid Toads are and how he killed them. I guess he's racist.

IMG 6569

Rouge being dumb

IMG 6571

Rouge and his stuck-up old ways. He refuses to acknowledge change (like that Toads can't die)

Rouge's lackingness in proper brain function increased and increased, and he was just randomly waving his fists around thinking he was killing Toads.

Rouge being stupid and delusional

Eventually he asked Timestoppa to kill all the toads. Timestoppa tried to, because for some reason he didn't know about the patch that had come out, making all of the Toads immortal. Timestoppa started what he called a "Toad Massacre" but in reality all the Toads were playing dead. One of the Toads attacked him with fire.

Some Failed Toad Murders Edit

Ever since the Toad Invulnerability Patch came out, Toads can't die unless they want to. But since they used to be able to be killed before the patch came out, Rouge thinks they still can. Here are a few instances of Toads getting away when Rouge tried to kill them.

It got away

Rouge trying to kill a Toad, but it teleported away

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