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Toad Fact #666: MadeForReleasio Toad is a traitor to Toad, the Toad God...

He is currently the National Toad Vice President.

Releasio Background Edit

MadeForReleasio Toad has played and beaten most Releasio games, and helped make some. MadeForReleasio Toad created Super Releasio 64: Tardygave Road - The Shattered Toad, and helped with the graphics of Super Releasio Bros. 2u. MadeForReleasio Toad also murdered many of the Toads in the Toad Snow when he created Super Releasio 64: Clear Skies Edition and Super Releasio 64 Adv.

MadeForReleasio Toad created most of the Toad Facts. He also wrote The Truth of Releasio.

Releasio Lore Edit

MadeForReleasio is a Toad.

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MadeForReleasio is a toad.

MadeForReleasio Toad does not believe that Toad is a god. As punishment, Toad has imbued him with a cursed, immortal soul and has forced him to play Releasio for all of eternity. MadeForReleasio has attempted to thwart Toad's schemes many times. During Adopt Tot 1^3, he attempted to stop Toad by using a time machine gun to send him to prehistoric times. He escaped, though.

Ethan White is his nemesis.

He used to be just a regular Toad, but eventually he went and got a Cat Toad power up and so now he's a Cat Toad.

He was included on the ballot for the 2017 Toad President Election even though he didn't apply for presidency. He was tied for second place, and was nominated by the National Toad President (Ethan White) to be National Toad Vice President.

He has fought Tod on a few occasions. Both times Tod cloned his head onto MadeForReleasio, but MadeForReleasio defeated Tod and then got surgery to remove the cloned Tod Head. This happened both before and after MadeForReleasio got the cat toad power up.

MadeForReleasio's favorite pastime is to fly across the ocean while screaming internally. He does it every Friday night.

In-game Appearences Edit

MadeForReleasio Toad appears as the final boss in Super Releasio Bros. 2u.

MadeForReleasio is set to be the main character in Toad RPG: Toad of Toad.

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