The ???verse is a crude monster of universes created after a war. It is a horrifying monster of PUs fused together by Toad. Apon entering the ???verse without the proper equipment, your polygons get messed up and you become one with the ground. Toad and his species is immune to this curse, athough it still isn't recommended to settle here if you are a Toad. Tox Toad 65 takes place here.

Toad normally drops universes he somehow can't edit the textures of on top of this universe.

It is currently ruled by Podostromus.

Monsters Edit

Several monsters reside within the ???verse, including:

Structure Edit

The ???verse is made of several different parallel universes that have been destabilized from the PU grid and have come crashing down upon one another, becoming corrupted and disfigured and their polygons messed up as they try to combine. Within the ???verse is utter chaos, and the only beings that managed to survive of those of immense power.

This universe is currently made out of the following universes:

  • Heliumverse
  • Rubberverse
  • TsucnenT's Treasures
  • King Boo's Revenge
  • Super Mario 64 The Missing Stars
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